"ReVamp" By Chichi

"ReVamp" By Chichi
"ReVamp" By Chichi

Revamp By Chichi Braid Training Services

We have trained a wide spectrum of hairdressers ranging from beginners to advanced and 1 on 1 to groups on our premises and their premises.

We offer the most current hair braiding styles and techniques for both Afro, Asian and European hair types. This is why we have had and continue to welcome students from all backgrounds.

Hair braiding has become so popular and is still growing rapidly worldwide within the media, fashion, sports and more industries.

It doesn't matter if you want to start your own mobile hair business, open your own salon, expand your hair dressing portfolio, save some money on paying someone else to braid your children's hair etc. We are here for you and our phone line is open for follow-up advice even after the course.

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